Monday, June 06, 2016

Captains Outrageous by Joe R. Lansdale

(hb; 2001: seventh book in the Hap and Leonard series)

From the inside flap:

"Hapless chicken-plant guard Hap Collins gets into trouble when he takes his best friend Leonard on a Caribbean cruise. The two find themselves abandoned in Mexico, saved from armed attackers by a geriatric fisherman and his lovely daughter, who's currently having to fend off a Mexican mobster who is also a practicing nudist... Trying for once to stay out of other people's business, Hap returns to East Texas but is overwhelmed when he learns of the senorita's murder. He then persuades Leonard to return with him to Mexico to even the score."


Captains is another excellent entry in the Hap and Leonard series, full of lively, character-veracious banter, romance and sex, vicious bad guys, action and gore. It brings together many of the characters from earlier books, including Veil (from Veil's Visit: a Taste of Hap and Leonard), Jim Bob and others. As indicated in past reviews, all the Hap and Leonard novels thus far are worth owning.

Followed by Vanilla Ride.

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