Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Howling II by Gary Brandner

(pb; 1978: second book in The Howling trilogy)

From the back cover:

"For Karyn it was the howling.

"The howling that had heralded the nightmare in Drago... the nightmare that had joined her husband Roy to the she-wolf Marcia and should have ended forever with fire.

"But it hadn't.

"Roy and Marcia were still alive, and deadly, and thirsty for the most horrifying vengeance imaginable."


Howling II is a waste-no-words, excellent read, a worthwhile and entertaining sequel to its also-superb predecessor. Like the first Howling, it is a character-focused, fast-moving and word-lean story, one that takes place three years after Karyn and Chris torched the town of Drago, and the personal, dark fallout that resulted from the events that led up to it.

Worth owning, this -- followed by The Howling III.


For those interested in the entire book series, all of the The Howling novels have been collected into one omnibus volume, The Howling Trilogy.

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