Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Howling III by Gary Brandner

(pb; 1985: third book in The Howling trilogy)

From the back cover:

"They are man. And they are beast.

"Once again they stalk the night, eyes aflame, teeth flashing in vengeance.

"Malcolm is the young one.

"He must choose between the familiar way of the human and the seductive howling of the wolf.

"Those who share his blood want to make him one of them.

"Those who fear him want him dead.

"Only one woman and one man want to help him.

"Even though they can't believe their ears. Or their eyes."


Howling III is a loosely linked, solid sequel to the first two Howling books. III centers around Malcolm, one of the survivors of the fire that razed most of Drago in the first Howling novel, and those trying to help or hurt him.

Because of III's indirect affiliation to the Drago-centric storyline, the first part of III concerns itself with establishing the characters' situations -- meaning: not a lot of fast-paced werewolf action is shown. Brandner's writing is still as character sketch- and storyline-effective as they are in previous Howling  books.

The second half of this two-fold-story novel rewards the readers with a slam-the-reader-to-the-wall, breathlessly-paced blast of lycanthropic bloodiness and horror, a great way to end this slow-build tale, as well as a great way to cap the trilogy. Like its predecessor novels, it is worth owning, especially if you purchase the below-mentioned omnibus edition of the books.


For those interested in the entire book series, all of the The Howling novels have been collected into one omnibus volume, The Howling Trilogy.

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