Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jennifer Blood: Beautiful People by Al Ewing and various artists

(pb; 2012: graphic novel, collecting issues #7-12 of the series.  Second entry in the Jennifer Blood graphic novel series.)

From the back cover:

"Jen Fellows is a housewife with two kids, a devoted husband, a beautiful suburban home, two cars, a plasma TV, a Mk. 153 SMAW Launcher, an AK47, ten pounds of C4, a large number of grenades, several hundred rounds of hollow-point-point ammunition, a great big knife. . .

"Jen Fellows was also Jennifer Blood, a vengeance-fueled vigilante taking brutal vengeance on the five men who destroyed her parents.  But now that she's finished off the last of them, her mission is over at last.

". . . In a word. . . no.

"It turns out you can't murder the five heads of a crime family - plus various assorted bodyguards, associates, ninja schoolgirl assassins, etc. - without any consequences.  There are leftover weapons to dispose of, nosy neighbors who might know a little too much, kids getting too curious about the hidden armory in the basement, detectives picking up all the clues you forgot you dropped. . . and a consortium of rich and powerful people, with private armies of highly trained mercenaries at their command, who want a little revenge of their own."


More bloody and violent hilarity, suburban public kink-wear and surreal unintended consequences ensue as Jen/nifer's vendetta against her crime-family family winds down, and the relatives and associates of those she killed seek revenge while the cops seek answers regarding her previous slaughters.  Wildly entertaining stuff, this - worth owning.

Followed by Jennifer Blood: Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid.

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