Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Damsel by Richard Stark

(pb; 1967, 2012: first novel in the Grofeld series.  Foreword by Sarah Weinman.)

From the back cover:

"On the surface, Alan Grofeld and Parker seem to be strange allies.  Where Parker is cold and calculating, Grofeld is chatty and charismatic.  But while they may not have much in common, they are both great at what they do -- steal.  The Damsel. . . follows the action of the Parker novel The Handle, and it finds our hero, dazed and injured, waking up to discover a girl crawling through the window of his hotel room.  [Soon,] Grofeld and his new companion begin a scenic, action-packed road trip from Mexico City to Acapulco. . ."


Chatty - compared to the waste-no-words efficiency of the Parker series - and entertaining crime tale about Grofeld and his south of the border road trip-adventure with Ellen Marie, a charming hotel room burglar whose circumstances involve political intrigue, corruption and murderous thugs.

Followed by The Dame.

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