Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jennifer Blood: A Woman's Work is Never Done by Garth Ennis and various artists

(pb; 2012: graphic novel, collecting issue #1-6 of the series.  First entry in the Jennifer Blood graphic novel series.)

From the back cover:

"Meet Jen Fellows, your average suburban housewife.  Every day, she lives out your normal suburban life.  She makes breakfast, takes the kids to school, cleans the house, cooks dinner, kisses her husband and children goodnight, and hopes that the drugs she gives them in their dinner keeps them asleep until morning.

"Meet Jennifer Blood, ruthless vigilante.  Every night she stalks the underworld on a personal vendetta against organized crime, determined to obliterate the parasites and scum who run the city's rackets.

"But can she keep her dual lives separate?  Can she protect her family from the terrible world she now finds herself a part of?  And will the budget stretch to new cushion covers for the couch and six more cases of .45 hollow points?"


Jennifer Blood is a bloody, nasty, for-mature-audiences-only work, featuring writer Ennis' fast-moving, raunchy and black-as-frak wit.  The storyline is familiar (see the back cover description), but Ennis' action-lean writing, coupled with Jennifer's eye-popping illustrations and visual tones (courtesy of various artists, colorists and Rob Steen's lettering) make its plot-familiarity irrelevant.  This is not a graphic novel for readers put off by gore, nudity and ultra-dark - and effective - themes: worth owning, this, if the above description doesn't apply to you.

Followed by Jennifer Blood: Beautiful People.

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