Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jennifer Blood: Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid by Al Ewing and various artists

(pb; 2013: graphic novel, collecting issues #13-18 of the series.  Third entry in the Jennifer Blood graphic novel series.)

From the back cover:

"It looks like Jen's finally got everything she wants - her crusade against her murderous Uncles is over and done with and she's successfully fended off attacks by everyone from war profiteers to waffle salesmen.  There's just one tiny fly in the ointment: Detective Elaine Pruitt, Homicide.  Jennifer Blood killed her partner, but didn't quite manage to kill her.

"That was a mistake.

"Meanwhile, an old flame of Andy's re-enters his life.  For anyone else's family, it'd be the makings of a fairly standard suburban drama.

"But this is Jennifer Blood's family.

"And she'll do anything she thinks she has to in order to preserve it."


Jen's life spirals further out of control as the loose ends of her weeklong vendetta - a ticked-off cop, an unstable marriage and other elements - come back to haunt her in bleakly hilarious, bloody and super-violent fashion.  The ending is a logical yet radical turn story-wise, one that looks like it will lead to promising developments in the next collection, Jennifer Blood: The Trial of Jennifer Blood.

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