Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Sour Lemon Score, by Richard Stark

(pb; 1969, 2010: twelfth novel in the Parker series.  Foreword by Dennis Lehane.)

From the back cover:

"Bank robberies should run like clockwork, right?  If your name's Parker, you expect nothing less.  Until, that is, one of your partners gets too greedy for his own good.  The four-way split following a job leaves too small a take for George Uhl, who begins to pick off his fellow hoisters, one by one.  The first mistake?  That he doesn't begin things by putting a bullet in Parker.  That means he won't get a chance to make a second. . ."


More so than any of the Parker sequels thus far, Sour recalls the especially dark acuity of the first book in this series (The Hunter) - its outlook, reflecting Parker's and several other characters', is harsher than usual and its delectably wicked finish is especially memorable and applaudable.  For these reasons Sour is one of my favorite entries in this twenty-four book series, and - like the preceding Parker novels - is worth owning.

Followed by Deadly Edge.

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